DevOps: Stop being a cost and start generating income

Por: Dextra, março 31, 2016

The IT Infrastructure area is usually seen as a support area only. So, as a result of that, it is usually classified as a cost.
In times of economical crisis, the first things to be cut off are operational expenses, right? And we are not only talking about people: projects, new servers, additional resources to existing servers, new network equipments, etc. They are all costs and an easy target to budget management.
What if it was possible to use IT Infrastructure knowledge inside Software Development Agile projects? What if we could position IT as a source of income instead of a cost one? What if we could use IT to deliver services through existing projects, enabling new commercial strategies and technological solutions?
All of this is possible within DevOps.
DevOps is getting momentum. The movement started around the early 2000's and, in a certain way, is part of the broad Agile movement that the Software Industry has adopted with success in the last years.
That happened because, with the adoption of agile methodologies, IT started to get more requests for continuous deploys, auto-scaling environments, high availability, etc.
With this needs in mind, new tools were created to solve specific problems: Git, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Docker, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Computing, etc.
Also, new methodologies were created to change the way systems were developed: Continuous Delivery, Test Driven Development, Scrum, XP, etc.
In other words, DevOps is IT's answer to the challenges we are facing everyday in our lives. With these new tools and methodologies it is possible to turn IT Services into Project Deliverables with success, though becoming a new source of revenue for your company.
Come with us and be part of this change!

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