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Aceleração Digital
Transformação Digital
Aceleração Digital
Digital Evolution: a transformação digital constante
Aceleração Digital
Super Apps: o futuro dos aplicativos móveis?
Aceleração Digital, Business, Digital Evolution 

Digital Evolution: a transformação digital constante

As espécies mais adaptadas sobrevivem, sentenciou Charles Darwin. Para Bill Coutinho, vale o mesmo para as empresas que querem sobreviver no mundo digitalizado, contanto que elas abandonem o ‘jeito de…

setembro 8, 2020
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Cognitive Load or Mental Processing. Business 

Cognitive load and the costs of unnecessary thinking

Are you overloading your user’s brain? Find out what are the impacts on your business and how to reduce cognitive load, making products that are easier to learn and more efficient to use.…

julho 20, 2016
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technological disruptions Business 

How to get ready for the “Uberization” of my business

A savvy CIO certainly follows what happens in other markets and the effects of technological disruptions in various sectors of the economy. This keeps awake a lot of people, but it is no longer a ques…

abril 18, 2016
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innovation is a priority for insurance companies Business 

The insurance industry is really ready for the future?

With the emergence of new digital technologies and IoT spreading rapidly, innovation is a priority for insurance companies to keep ahead in updating their business models, gain new markets and increas…

março 21, 2016
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career Business 

You don’t need to have idols

Throughout our careers, we meet really nice people, not necessarily in technical skills, and that’s what make us want to stay near them, to learn through and with their experience. It can happen even …

fevereiro 24, 2016
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Novas tecnologias Business, Digital Transformation 

Is your business ready for digital transformation?

There is no turn around: digital transformation is impacting all business segments and several businesses are being reinvented as you are reading this. To deal with something so huge while being at th…

setembro 21, 2015
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Good Business Business 

Predicting the future can create good business

After Big Data and Analytics, there is another area of computing in the spot of the corporate world: Machine Learning, focused on pattern recognition. The amount of collected and stored data continues…

julho 8, 2015
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Digital transformation Business 

How Digital Transformation can take the CIO to the board level

For several years CIOs have been complaining about their lack of involvment in the strategic decisions in their companies, being part only in operational discussions. An irreverent CIO once told me: “…

julho 1, 2015
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Digital Business Business, Digital Transformation 

Culture and Organizational changes leverage digital business

Times of deep changes, like now, are generally perceived as paradoxical. In the business world is no different. This paper examines an apparent paradox, when companies are seeking to maximize their ex…

junho 11, 2015
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4 Initiatives for Digital Business

The world of digital business is opening up to a world of opportunities but also challenges and changes. Companies from all segments are preparing in various ways to thrive in this new world. Even lon…

março 24, 2015
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