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Aceleração Digital
Digital Evolution: a transformação digital constante
Cognitive Load or Mental Processing.
Cognitive load and the costs of unnecessary thinking
technological disruptions
How to get ready for the “Uberization” of my business
Novas tecnologias Business, Digital Transformation 

Is your business ready for digital transformation?

There is no turn around: digital transformation is impacting all business segments and several businesses are being reinvented as you are reading this. To deal with something so huge while being at th…

setembro 21, 2015
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Digital Business Business, Digital Transformation 

Culture and Organizational changes leverage digital business

Times of deep changes, like now, are generally perceived as paradoxical. In the business world is no different. This paper examines an apparent paradox, when companies are seeking to maximize their ex…

junho 11, 2015
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Business, Digital Transformation 

Innovation and Renovation: the IT agenda

Every day we become more digital. We are always connected. The term “internet” used as a separate space of everyday life is makes no more sense. The internet is in our daily lives. Our dig…

março 2, 2015
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Business, Digital Transformation 

New IT structures stimulate the rise of digital business

According to Gartner, the current scenario requires the adoption of a Bimodal IT, to guarantee the systems robustness and to allow agile innovation simultaneously. In times of dynamic and complex tran…

janeiro 28, 2015
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