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E-maill boofing Security
Email Spoofing: Bypassing Defenses
Security By Design
Security by Design e sua relevância no cenário atual
Security by Design: agregando valor aos projetos digitais
E-maill boofing Security Segurança, Technology, Tecnologia 

Email Spoofing: Bypassing Defenses

Quando recebemos um email de um colega, sabemos facilmente quem foi que enviou, certo?  Como remetente, temos seu endereço de email, seu nome e até a sua foto. Pois saiba que é possível enviar emails …

julho 26, 2021
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CreateML Technology 

Create a machine learning model to classify images with CreateML under 10 minutes

In the beginning of July at the WWDC Apple introduced a new framework that makes the creation of machine learning models really easy and when I saw it for the first time it just blows my mind. I did n…

julho 4, 2018
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Design, Technology 

Talk: Towards component based Web UI with ReactJS

In this talk the emerging concept of component based development in front end is presented, using as example Facebook’s famous library ReactJS. The talk explains the basic characteristics of ReactJS, …

setembro 29, 2016
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Java Annoyances

Java is great. Don’t get me wrong, it really is. It’s so vastly widespread because it’s extremely powerful, fast, adaptable and reliable. But of course there are several problems, some inherent to the…

agosto 8, 2016
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DevOps Technology 

DevOps: Stop being a cost and start generating income

The IT Infrastructure area is usually seen as a support area only. So, as a result of that, it is usually classified as a cost. In times of economical crisis, the first things to be cut off are operat…

março 31, 2016
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PostgreSQL 9.5 Technology 

Webcast – Postgresql 9.5 Part 1

Watch the first (of three) part of this webcast talking about PostgreSQL 9.5, the new version of PostgreSQL! This version was released on early Janurary and has a lof of new features. On this first pa…

março 5, 2016
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Database capacity planning Technology 

Database Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is a very nice way to know your business. Its main goal is to make sure that your hardware and your software will still be able to enable your business to do what it wants to do in o…

fevereiro 16, 2016
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Methodology, Technology 

Agile method to take preventive actions using Machine Learning

Over the past few years, several organizations started to store their operational data, believing that such data would be useful as decision support. One consequence of this was the creation of a larg…

março 27, 2015
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